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Want to look after your team's health or reward them for their general awesomeness? Check out our workshops and bespoke offers for workplaces in Brighton & Hove.
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For Businesses

🤰 Maternity Leave
Please note that I will be off on maternity leave from 27th August 2020 and am no longer taking on any new business clients. If you’d like to stay in touch and be the first to hear when I’m back in and taking on clients, sign up to my newsletter here.



Bespoke Workplace Wellness Packages & Team Perks

Staying well at work not only improves productivity but building a happy, well-nourished team helps to ensure that we can all live our best lives outside of work as well.


Unlike other workplace wellness sessions, I don’t focus on weight at all – I don’t find that it’s helpful to focus on weight, especially in the workplace. All of the topics cover up-to date, evidence-based research so there won’t be any faddy diets in there either. It’s all about looking at sustainable, realistic changes to our health as a whole, not restricting and cutting out loads of foods.


There’s lots of practical tips included for working away, working lunches, dinners and eating out – not only is it a great team-building and learning experience but people can take the info home and use it with their families / flatmates as well.

Nutrition Masterclass

The full session runs for 3 hours and starts with a 50 minute nutrition workshop, including a Q+A session with me where I can answer any questions you’d like to fire at me.
Then there’s a 1.5 hour cookery session where we translate what we’ve covered in the workshop into actual tasty food (because we don’t just eat nutrients!).  We cook up at least 3 different dishes with my colleague Anna. She’s a wonderful cookery teacher who I’ve been working with for the last year or so.
After that we get to all sit down and eat together. It’s this process of learning, translating it into cooking, making a bit of a mess (leave the dishes to our team!) and then eating some pretty damn tasty food together that works really well for team building.


We can cover pretty much every nutrition topic and can also run a tailored Q&A session for your team. Our most popular workshops are: Vegan Masterclass, Food & Mood, Gut Feeling – keeping your gut healthy and happy.
Not got a massive kitchen space? Don’t worry – we sort the venue, equipment and all of the ingredients for you.


Check out what happens at a Masterclass here

Other Services

Lunch & Learn: I can come to your workplace for an informal talk over lunch. Previous sessions have included:

  • Mythbusting nutrition Q&A
  • Munching through crunch time
  • Vegan & vegetarian diets
  • Food & Mood
  • Mindful eating
  • Introduction to Intuitive Eating


Nutrition & Health MOTs: I offer Dietitian Drop-In clinics where your team can have on-to-one clinic appointments to cover any nutrition & health concerns they may have.

Want something that’s not on here? Get in touch here and let’s work something out.

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