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Brighton based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.
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low FODMAP diet

Gut Health Package



A four session gut health package to help you manage your symptoms and feel more confident about your food choices.


There’s so much conflicting information about nutrition and health out there – it’s my job as a dietitian to decipher it all and work with you to figure out what works for you and your lifestyle.


The four session package runs over three months and includes: 

  • Initial 1 hour appointment including an email summary of the session with your aims and goals, plus a full report for your GP that you’ll also receive a copy of.
  • Written material and help with choosing apps to support you thorough the process
  • 3 x 40 minute follow-up appointments – as you go through the changes made and tailor your final results to best help your symptoms and ensure you’re eating a balanced diet with foods that you enjoy.
  • A comprehensive dietary analysis following any interventions and reintroductions to make sure you’re getting what you need in terms of nutrition.
  • Between sessions, I’ll be there to reply to any queries you may have via email or phone.
  • Personalised meal ideas and recipes plus ideas for practical food swaps that fit with your work and lifestyle.
  • Advice on supplements.
  • I’ll also work with your GP to ensure that you have any tests that may be required.


Everyone’s symptoms are unique to them and you’re the expert of your own body – this four session, three month plan aims to give you the tools you need to understand your symptoms and identify what could be affecting them. We will talk through all of the things that could potentially be affecting your symptoms and find the best way for you to help manage them.


Ultimately giving you the confidence you need to choose foods and activities that you enjoy, in the least restrictive way you can going forward.


Whole-person, intuitive approach to gut health
The evidence is mounting to show links between gut health and mental health and wellbeing. What we eat can affect how we feel and how we feel, how active we are and what we’re doing day to day can all affect how our gut is working.

I use evidence-based nutrition science, tailoring it to provide advice that fits you and your needs and encompassing self care and body acceptance – ensuring that you’re looking after your gut and health as a whole in a way that suits you.


Price: £245.00monthly instalment payments are available on request if required and there are further discounted follow-up options available for those who’ve completed these sessions.


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