FAQs | Level Up Nutrition | Jess English | Private Dietitian - Brighton
Brighton based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you help me to lose weight - or will I lose weight working with you?

Some people may lose weight as they change their diet and eating behaviours, some people won’t. I don’t offer any sort of weight loss services as I’ve found that focusing solely on weight loss as an outcome isn’t a helpful way to look after our health. If this is something you’re looking for, please check out the Freelance Dietitians website here to find a registered dietitian in your area who can help.

How do I pay in installments for my package?

I offer a payment plan for packages – this means that you can pay in monthly installments instead of paying the full amount up-front. Ask me about this during your first free call and I’ll explain how it all works. Book yours here to find out more.

I’m on a low income, how can I access your services?

I offer a number of appointments per month where clients on low incomes can pay a reduced price. If this sounds like it would be helpful for you, please mention it when you book your initial call here – or during the call and I can let you know more about it.


If you’re a patient at the Brighton Health and Wellbeing Centre, you can speak to your GP or healthcare provider and ask to be referred to me through the Robin Hood Health Foundation charity.

Will you give me a meal plan?

In the traditional sense – no, I don’t offer any sort of prescriptive meal plans as meal plans that are prepared by someone else are not a real solution. What I can do is work with you to come up with your own meal plan, with foods that you enjoy, built around your day to day life. This can help you to organise your days, ensure you’re getting what you need, minimise food waste and help manage any symptoms you may have.

What do ‘non-diet’ and ‘weight-inclusive’ mean?

Non-diet simply means that I won’t be offering you any sort of diet that is intended solely to produce weight loss. Weight-inclusive means that I will treat all clients, regardless of weight with the same respect and attention to their overall health and the conditions they’d like help with – at the same time acknowledging any adjustments that may need to be made or difficulties that people of different sizes and backgrounds may face day-to-day. This approach aims to improve access to healthcare for all and reduce weight-stigma – which is different from a weight-centric approach that focuses on reduced weight as a health outcome in itself.

How many sessions will I need with you?

The short answer is – everybody is different, so it’s difficult to say. In general, to see results and develop a sustainable plan that you’re confident with going forward most people will have at least 2 appointments following their initial consultation. It takes time to make lasting changes and many clients choose to check-in more often as they go on, choosing continued support – which is why I offer a reduced package offer for 4 consultations.

Do I have to do the low FODMAP diet to help my IBS?

Absolutely not – the low FODMAP diet definitely isn’t suitable for everyone and there is a lot that can be done instead to help manage symptoms. The aim is to tailor your plan to work for you, so I won’t send you away to do things you don’t like – or eat things you don’t like!

Is there something else you’d like to ask? Book in your free initial telephone consultation here to ask me – or drop me a line on my contact form here.