About | Jess English | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist | Brighton & Hove
Hi, I'm Jess - a fully qualified, registered dietitian with experience in many areas of dietetics. I run one to one clinics and workshops in Brighton and Hove and I'm passionate about taking the confusion out of nutrition; providing tailored, sustainable and realistic nutrition advice.
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A bit about me

Hi, I’m Jess. I’m a HCPC Registered Private Dietitian with experience in many areas of nutrition and dietetics both in the NHS and community – these include diabetes, IBS, coeliac, cardiac rehabilitation, respiratory medicine, enteral feeding, allergies and intolerances and early years nutrition.

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I launched my private practice to focus on providing a nutrition service that helps people to reach their health goals in a realistic and sustainable way.


Nutrition is never black and white and these days we’re overloaded with information. My passion lies in helping people to cut through all of the nutrition science and simplifying it; tailoring it to work for them, their budget and their lives.


My training and time as clinical NHS dietitian and in public health, working with adults, schools, children and families, has shown me that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach in nutrition. I was lucky enough to be able to provide a mostly tailored approach but in so many cases that just wasn’t possible.


Changing health behaviours can lead to positive health outcomes – things like learning how to cook or prepare balanced, satisfying meals to suit all budgets, finding a way to move our bodies that we enjoy, finding a way to deal with our emotions that doesn’t always involve food. These things can be game-changers.


I take a completely tailored approach and help clients to implement some sustainable, positive changes that work for them.


I use an evidence-based, non-diet, weight-inclusive approach. Working with people to make these tailored, sustainable changes to their health behaviours independent of their weight. This incorporates nutrition, self care and finding a way to be active that works for them.


When I’ve not got my nose stuck in nutrition papers I love to cook, I run – marathon distance, I enjoy learning different programming languages and tinkering with my Raspberry Pi projects (not at the same time!).

Want to feel more confident about your food choices? I can help – book your free initial 20 minute consultation call here