About | Jess English | Registered Dietitian Nutritionist | Brighton & Hove
Hi, I'm Jess - a fully qualified, registered dietitian with experience in many areas of dietetics. I run one to one clinics and workshops in Brighton and Hove and I'm passionate about taking the confusion out of nutrition; providing tailored, sustainable and realistic nutrition advice.
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A bit about me

Hi, I’m Jess. I’m a HCPC Registered Private Dietitian with experience in many areas of nutrition and dietetics both in the NHS, public health and community – these include diabetes, IBS – including low FODMAP, coeliac, cardiac rehabilitation, respiratory medicine, enteral feeding, allergies and intolerances and early years nutrition.

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I’m a Registered Dietitian who loves to geek-out over nutrition science. I specialise in helping people to look after their gut health – and health in general. 


When your symptoms are affecting so much of your day to day life and you just want to feel better, you’ll pretty much do anything. I get it – I’ve been there! 


Nutrition can be confusing; during my time as a clinical dietitian in hospitals and in public health, I was always seeing patients who only wanted to do the best for themselves and their health – but were struggling to make sense of the sheer amount of conflicting information that was out there. 


The thing is, everybody is different and nutrition is never one-size-fits all. My job is to help you to find a way to figure out what affects your symptoms, whether it’s food, lifestyle (or something else!) and work with you to come up with a balanced, realistic, flexible plan that works; one that fits you and your life. Giving you the confidence to make food choices that support you and your health going forward.


I want to help you to help you to live life on your own terms – to give you more time to focus on the things that you enjoy doing. 


Together, we can formulate a realistic and sustainable plan that’s tailored to you – to give you the confidence to manage your symptoms and enjoy the food that you love.


It takes time to figure these things out and time to build new habits; working in private practice means that I’m able to spend longer working with you – there’s no rush and I find that I can help people more effectively. As a registered dietitian I will also work with your GP and medical team to ensure that you get any tests that you may need and, if necessary, request assessment for any potential deficiencies.




My practice is non-diet, weight-inclusive and HAES-informed; this means that I don’t offer any sort of weight loss services at all. I’ve found that focusing on weight loss, fat loss or aiming to reach a certain size isn’t helpful for clients when trying to look after their health. 



I want to be able to make this all more accessible and affordable for as many people as I can, that’s why I make as much information available as I can online through my blog. I’m also very pleased to be able to offer payment plans for people who’d be better able to pay by monthly instalments for packages – as well as offering charity-funded appointments through the Robin Hood Health Foundation.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can ask any questions you might have during your initial call – or through my contact page, but you might find the answers you need in my FAQs here.



My Blog

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