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Brighton based Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.
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Lunch Buddy

Lunch Buddy

I went to a fab event for businesses in Brighton last week and met some lovely people – Brighton does business good.

One thing that kept coming up though, as always, was about the thing that was hanging around my neck: No, not my T-Rex necklace – my name badge.

The very first thing that people say when they meet me and find out what I do usually goes a bit like this…


“Ah, nutritionist – I’d better not tell you what I had for breakfast this morning …I’ve been bad!”

“Oof, well I’m not sitting next to you at lunch time *awkward laugh*”


How do I even have any friends, right? I am clearly the food police.

First off – I get it, it’s the same for any job, really. I’ve made half-apologies to web dev’s for my website multiple times and I do not smile at dentists. I routinely make crap jokes to my own friends about telling people that I’m a cell biologist or concrete technician in the hopes that no-one asks me about their bloating (I actually love talking about this stuff – please don’t be afraid to ask!!).

On second thoughts – why, oh fucking why are we embarrassed about what we eat? Why are we ashamed that we’ve eaten a delicious (and free, I might add) croissant for breakfast? Why does that make it a ‘bad’ day?

What is it about the food that we eat and the way that we’ve been led to perceive it means that it makes us inherently good or bad by simply putting it in our mouths?? I am not better than someone if I ate smashed avocado, grilled tomatoes and hummus on locally bought, generations-old starter sourdough than if I had a bowl of Shreddies*

Why, if people eat something they enjoyed eating do they calculate the amount of exercise they’re going to have to do the next day to burn it off – like a punishment for enjoying their food? Self-flagellation for not being able to ‘control’ themselves when actually, if they’re dieting – they’re likely in a state of deprivation and their bodies are screaming for them to eat the thing that they just ate.

It makes sense that the ‘clean eating’ and nutri-bollocks phenomena managed to slip so easily into our psyche; the seeds were already sown by diet culture – we already know that we can make people feel good or bad by looking at what they eat or how much they move in a day.  That whole, unprocessed foods are automatically more ‘pure’ and ‘perfect’ than those that have been processed. Bollocks – I’m not here to debunk that particular brand of shite today but I can tell you that there’s nothing wrong with processing foods.

If we all started thinking about what we said in front of each other – kids, friends and families then we could change the conversation. 

It’s an oldie but a goodie – why not practice a bit of self-love?

What would you say to a friend who’d just had a few slices of birthday cake and was berating themselves for it? Would you chastise them and tell them to get down to the gym tomorrow? Or would you say “..hey don’t be so hard on yourself, it’s just a slice of cake – it’s not the be all and end all and hey – you’re having a fucking great day! Shots?” (the last bit is what my friends would say, feel free to ignore it)

It’s something that I think we all need to address, I know that not everybody is going to agree – that some people work better with black / white rules ….but please could we not make this conversation about our qualities as human beings.


Thank you for reading my rant to the end – IOU one free lunch conversation about your / your mum’s / your dog’s bloating.


*Other granny-knitted cereal brands are available.


  • Shellie
    Posted at 16:36h, 16 December Reply

    too funny!! I so enjoyed this.

    • jlenglish
      Posted at 12:17h, 19 December Reply

      Thanks 🙂

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